What is The Signature Collection?

How the Earth Adventures For Kids Signature Collection came to be …

Once upon a time, a young Mom with 3 kids, 1 dog, and 2 cats realized that she and her husband were “outnumbered” by their kids and animals. As the years went on, the busy-ness increased, and as the kids went through their developmental stages, and were growing older, so were the Mom and Dad!

That Mom was me, having my first child at age 24 and my last one at age 34; the kids were energetic, lively, and very outgoing - which means we were busy!

Being young, I had all the energy and optimism to handle anything. Handle working out every day, no problem. Handle the kid’s social and activity demands, no problem. Handle the kids' school schedule and demands, no problem. Handle work demands, no problem. But no one told me about:

  • getting older and what happens as we age
  • when macro-economics challenge the family budget
  • when one or more in the family has health issues
  • when the kids go through tween and teen years ... and then teaching them to drive!

Well, let's just say I was challenged as the years grew on.

I often struggled how to balance running 2 businesses, keeping an eye on all the kid’s mental health, spiritual health, and physical health, meeting the demands of the kid’s busy life and paying for all their activities, plus balancing my self-care needs, and trying to take a vacation, and all that goes with family life.

Reaching my late 30s, my 40s, and turning 50 … always trying to keep ahead of the curve and keep my balance - then coronavirus shuts everything down and really throws us all for a crazy turn.

Along the way, and also looking back, I started seeing the key points of struggle and the "Saving Graces" that came out of each hardship. And then I started to see how the "Saving Graces" all integrated and tied together into a system of overcoming and allowing defining moments that often changed the trajectory of our days and nights for the better.

The "Saving Graces" were tools we grabbed onto and refined, using them at key moments and then using them regularly so they became part of our family life.

Going through different hardships, I was pressed, and the pressing resulted in the tools being used, created, developed more, and refined. It was in 2022 when I realized these tools could help others along their journey of life too.

The Earth Adventures For Kids Signature Collection was established as a comprehensive system of tools that can be used to address issues many people face, such as motivation issues, health issues, communication issues, financial issues, organization issues, kid behavior issues, aging issues, and more.

With The Megaphone, I had the ability to capture the attention and imagination of my kids in a fun way, I was able to communicate important information, ensuring they heard me and not having to raise my voice. This helped set an enjoyable tone in the home and was used for fun at events and on travel too!

With The Save Forever Box and The Catch-All Bag, I was able to quickly sort and organize the influx of incoming and outgoing stuff and recognize the kid’s achievements by giving some items the Save Forever Box status and recognition. I was able to build into our daily life moments of accolades, celebration, fun, and order amidst all the chaos, demands, and competing needs.

With The Financial Worksheet, I was able to gain control of spending and stop the leaking out of funds by those pesky auto-renews and charges that one may overlook if one is not checking accounts daily. I was able to see opportunities like using credit card rewards programs instead of using a debit card and taking advantage of early pay discounts. I was able to avoid late fees and get refunds on incorrect charges. Previously, when out of control, all that could have gone unnoticed. I was able to define priorities and goals and then push the cash flow where it needed to go to accomplish our financial goals.

The Marketplace grew out of many hours and late nights researching health and wellness solutions for our own family, and the research results allowed me to create a treasure trove of amazing companies with products and services that improved our lives with better sleep, better nutrition, better skincare, better relationships, and more.

Because of all the research, development, and testing we poured into the tools and using the tools with great results, we decided it was our responsibility to share these simple yet effective tools with the world, especially as coronavirus hit and more issues resulted for kids, families, parents, grandparents in regard to health, wellness, social life, school, etc.

Fast-forward a year later to the launch of our website in 2023. The Signature Collection consists of the key tools we used in a variety of circumstances and situations to help guide us and navigate the terrain. We still use them regularly in our days and nights to help make them the best days and nights they can be. We are so familiar with the tools outlined in the books that we don’t have to consult the books as often - the content is engrained into our being.

Because of the tools in the Signature Collection, we have better relationships, better communication, improved finances, and increased quality of life. And now that the kids are adults, I see them using the tools in their own lives with great results.

The Earth Adventures For Kids Signature Collection consists of:

1)  Ebook - How to Create Your Own Signature Collection

2)  Ebook - 101 Things to Do other than Social Media

3)  Ebook - A Series of Unsuspecting Children’s Poems

4)  Ebook - How to Create your own Financial Worksheet

5)  Ebook - When the Sun Goes Down: How to Enjoy the Night

6)  The Wondering Mat

7)  The Save Forever Box

8)  The Catch-All Bag

9)  The Megaphone

10) The Marketplace

You, too, can experience the wonders and power of our Signature Collection. Begin your collection today! Read the Journal Story about each product and how it came to be. Become familiar with the tools and use them in daily life as your unique "Signature" way of doing life. 

Buy our book “How to Create Your Own Signature Collection” for more details on sourcing and implementing your own tools.