Introduction to the Earth Adventures For Kids Tools and Mindset

Journal Story by Ash, Ani, Andrea

Because our Mom is the creator of the Earth Adventures For Kids tools and mindset, we grew up with the Earth Adventures For Kids tools and mindset. As young adults, we now understand the importance of more “tools in the toolbox” for raising happy, healthy kids and how it can help parents, educators, mentors, family, and friends on the journey.

Consider us “product testers,” and we give input on products and collections as we reflect and look back on our own experiences with the products and concepts. We are still discovering the power of the tools and systems as we are "adulting" through our adult life. 

Parents, family, friends, mentors, educators – anyone who wants to have more “tools in the toolbox” in raising happy, healthy kids and leaving treasure legacies can benefit from the Signature Collection and the Treasure Legacy Collection.

As many know, raising kids is often full of last-minute, knee-jerk responses and “flying by the seat of our pants.” As defined by Cambridge Dictionary, if you do something by the seat of your pants, you do it using only your own experience and trusting your own judgment.

 For more history on the term, click here: “by the seat of your pants.

Part of this “spontaneity” in working with kids is because of their creative nature and imagination mixed with perspective, ability, interest, and more … oftentimes we cannot possibly foresee the terrain and the situations that will arise. Humor and appreciation help! The Earth Adventures For Kids tools, mindset, and collections help remind us all of some basics that can help along the way.

Growing up, we experienced twists and turns, peaks and valleys, challenges and triumphs … the Earth Adventures For Kids mindset is about assessing where we are, where we want to go, and how we are going to get there … many times in the midst of turmoil … which is defined as:

Turmoil: a state of great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty. 

We certainly had a lot of moments of turmoil with 3 kids, 1 dog, 2 cats, and a very demanding lifestyle of busy kids, working parents, and lots of unexpected challenges as we grew up thru the stages of childhood - testing boundaries, expressing our own independence, learning societal graces and more. 

Our parents would often be in a mental state of, "I don't even know how to handle this," oftentimes dealing with "Clean Up on Aisle 7" type of issues when we were young!

The tools and mindset have created special memories for us and ways of dealing with the issues at hand. As kids, the products in the collections remind us of our intentions and our goals and bring us back to humor, appreciation, and the ability to keep moving forward in a positive way, learning from the past and leaving it behind to always look forward to a new future and a "new us" as we are continually becoming new!

Going by “the seat of your pants” sometimes yields great results!
And sometimes it doesn’t!
Our tools and mindset help you and your kids pre-determine
actions and habits that are aligned with your goals.

Our parents often searched for solutions and tools for their toolbox when raising us, and the Earth Adventures For Kids collections are some of those key tools. We have lived Earth Adventures For Kids along the way, and the mindset has become who we are today. Here are just a few of our interests and accomplishments.

Ash Bio: graduate of UC Berkeley Engineering, currently a Water Resource Engineer with experiences such as: spending 3 weeks hiking the John Muir Trail, living/working/farming - yes farming - in San Francisco, ocean lifeguarding, living on a farm in Seattle area, farm to table cooking, creating art, traveling to Southeast Asia and learning to make curry in Thailand as well as getting certified to scuba dive, speaking Spanish and traveling to Dominican Republic, Mexico, and many of the states in the USA.

Ani Bio: current college student and intern studying Business and Marketing with experiences such as dance team, musical theater, avid reading, love of yoga, exercise, creating art, travel with a general “can do” attitude and a positive outlook on life, currently working for 2 “dream companies” doing Marketing and Social Media management.

Andrea Bio: current college student studying general education with interests in business, the arts, and nutrition … having experiences such as dance team, musical theater, a love of yoga, exercise, music, creating art, travel, crocheting, and anything else that is crafty.

Don’t think we always “have it together.” We try – haha. There were a lot of times when we were not sure of our path or our unique destiny that we believe each person has in life.

Growing up can be a challenge at times - for kids and parents alike! We have found the Earth Adventures For Kids mindset, and collections are a healthy addition to our “tools for the toolbox” on the journey of life, and as young adults, we see how they have become part of us. We know how to set goals, reach our goals, and work through challenges, becoming the "captain of our own ship," navigating life and knowing when we are getting off track, and how to get back on track as soon as possible.

We know how to make the most of the day, invest time wisely, love learning, deal with setbacks and take advantage of opportunities. Life has not always been easy, and we are not always at our best. We have experienced hardships, some of our own doing, but we know there is always the silver lining, the ray of hope, the light at the end of the tunnel, and the ability to change, to re-set and go the way we need to go to reach our goals.

Before deciding to advocate the Signature Collection and the Treasure Legacy Collection, we had to reflect and look back to see where these products helped us in our own childhood and journey. Funny how our experiences with the tools and systems were different than our parent's experiences due to our differing roles. 

We have great memories of friends and family, social events, overcoming, creating, reaching out, re-setting, trying again, acknowledging, receiving, giving, experiencing great disappointment and failure, having a change of heart, gaining resolve, focusing on the positive, moving forward, taking care of our health and well-being, and more … and when we reflect on all that went into our childhood and is what now is a part of our adulthood, we love the Earth Adventures For Kids Signature Collection and Treasure Legacy Collection! We want to share the Mindset, Tools, Systems, and Marketplace!

We have created this store/website, the Marketplace, and this community to help share the products we love and have benefited from over the years. We hope you and your family benefit as well!

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