How to Create Your Own Treasure Legacy Collection: The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Best Life Now

The Back Story of our Book “How to Create Your Own Treasure Legacy Collection” … and How it Came to Be

Going through life with all the best intentions, all the best viewpoints, all the best vibes, all the best goodwill, all the best mindsets, and all the best expectations ... no one prepared us for dealing with death.

Dealing with it as an individual is one thing, but when you have to go through these experiences with your kids and explain it all to them, dealing with their questions like: Why does it happen? What do we do now? How did this happen? What if you die? What will I do when you die? These are tough questions to wrestle with as kids and as adults while at the same time dealing with deep loss and sadness.

How do we carry on and walk through this life without a feeling of impending doom? And how do we carry on without the person we miss so much? The Earth Adventures For Kids Treasure Legacy Collection was developed out of the devastation of our many experiences with death. We think of it as our best way of dealing with this topic, which we choose to call "Estate Planning" and "Life Planning."

We developed our TLC Method of Mindset, Tools, Systems, and Marketplace as a sequence to deal with life situations. When we apply our TLC Method, we ask ourselves what the current mindset is and if we need a new one to be successful in this area. Then we identify the current tools we are using and ask ourselves if we need new tools. We look at the current system we are using and we ask ourselves if we need a new system or improvements. Then we become "solution hunters" and go to the marketplace to look for the following: 1) help with a new mindset, 2) find new tools which can be products, services, communities, mentors, and 3) get new ideas on systems and ways of using tools to accomplish our goals. We weave our Tender, Loving, Care (TLC) and create our Treasure Legacy Collection (TLC) through this whole process, as a way of living our best life. Our solutions allow us to improve relationships, quality of life, and improve upon our intentional, life well-lived. 

In a wonderful way, the Treasure Legacy Collection has the same acronym as Tender, Loving, Care hence our saying: Send your “TLC” with our TLC.

We created the book “How to Create Your Own Treasure Legacy Collection: The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Best Life Now” to share with the world the ways we have used to walk through "dark times." We decided to live our legacy as a way of life and discovered we were living our best life now—and you can do the same!

In this book, we share the ways we have implemented to have meaningful conversations with our loved ones about the whole ecosystem that comes with departing this earth. It is our effort to bridge a deep divide between Heaven and Earth. We have sought to somehow close the gap between heaven and earth with conversations now while we are here together. This led to "creating cords of comfort" with our 5 TLC Legacy List Books and writing our 5 TLC Legacy Lists. Our 5 TLC Legacy Lists help us improve relationships, quality of life, and improve upon our intentional life well-lived. 

For instance, a friend recently passed on, and the message on his memorial card is the poem printed by his sons that says:

“Dad, I'll wait for you on the mountain top, Under the sky crisp and sunny blue, Watching Gambel's Oak turn gold, And big bucks wander through. I'll wait for you on the mountain top, Together we'll be again, And laugh and joke around warm campfire at hunting day's end."

The poem gives comfort through the direction of what we will do, declaring wonderful memories together, and giving hope, knowing that they will again do the things they love to do together and enjoy each other’s company once again.

The Earth Adventures For Kids Treasure Legacy Collection was developed out of the challenges of death. We think of it as our best way of dealing with this topic, which we choose to call "Estate Planning" and "Life Planning."

How wonderful to have those conversations prior to our departures from Earth and wrestle together with the topic, sharing intentional times together that bind us, and we rest assured we will meet again in the event of our departure from earth.

It is still not easy in any sense, and each person has their own unique experiences of grief and healing. We can have these conversations when we are here and now in pursuit of increasing the quality of our time together and bridging the divide between heaven and earth.

I instruct my kids to know and listen to the song “My Sisters and My Brothers,” sung by Jerry Garcia Band. You can search for it online and listen to the song to see why I would include this song in my TLC. When my kids were younger, we would listen to this song and sing it together. It gave me comfort to know if I departed this earth while they were younger, they could sing that song for comfort. So, this song is a "cord of comfort" between me and my kids that will bridge the gap between Heaven and Earth in the event of any of our passing on. 

Our Treasure Legacy Collection (TLC) is based upon igniting joy, giving comfort, writing directions, and giving guidance into your Estate Plan, capturing your essence, your spirit, and your mojo - giving loved ones ways to carry on your name when you depart.

Bridging the gap between Heaven and Earth, the Treasure Legacy Collection offers tips on conversations and activity ideas. It gives tools to use in creating your legacy, declaring your favorites, giving your instructions to comfort those "here" when you are "there," or vice versa.

Our experience with creating our Treasure Legacy Collections now, together, is that the experiences and conversations improve relationships now, improve communication now, and increase quality of life now by being intentional in our lives now to incorporate simple yet powerful life planning wonders.

Our Treasure Legacy Collection helps develop each person's ability to plant roots, self-comfort, and like a tree planted by the waters, grow deep and flourish, creating an ecosystem of life, moving forward, and growing positively no matter the circumstances.

Our book “How to Create Your Own Treasure Legacy Collection” provides an easy-to-follow format with hundreds of enriching activity ideas and ways to invite loved ones into the joy of creating your legacy, including learning about our 5 TLC Legacy Lists you can generate from our 5 Legacy List Books, which are:

1) 101 Things to Do Other Than Social Media - generates your Activities in My Name List

2) A Series of Unsuspecting Children's Poems - generates your Values and Pillars List 

3) How to Create a Financial Worksheet - generates your Financial Nuts and Bolts List

4) When the Sun Goes Down: How to Enjoy the Night - generates your Cozy and Comforting Nights List

5) Earth Adventures For Kids Fitness - generates your Health and Wellness List

We are not experts in grief counseling, and we are not perfect, but we have walked some sad roads through these valleys over the years, and we just had to get meaning out of these times.

We have discovered the power of carrying on in the spirit and essence of our departed loved ones, and we discovered the power of doing things in their memory with their "mojo, essence, and zest."

Decades of having these bittersweet experiences, well actually, they are just bitter and sad, but we must, for the sake of our mental health and enjoying life, we have to work all things for a good purpose somehow. The result? The Treasure Legacy Collection (TLC). And we teach you how you can also send your Tender, Loving, Care (TLC) with our Treasure Legacy Collection (TLC). 

Implementing and creating a lifestyle of Life Planning with “TLC” helps us:

  • gain more control over an uncontrollable situation.
  • make the most of every day.
  • share important conversations with loved ones while we are all here on earth.
  • share our favorites that others may use to carry on in our name after we depart.

Buy our book “How to Create Your Own Treasure Legacy Collection” and get started today on creating your most important life works, and living your best life now. The book will show you our ideas on how to send your "TLC" Tender, Loving, Care with our TLC and give you inspiration for your own ideas too.