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Comedian Tom Papa in his stand up special "You're Doing Great!" highlights the fact that we are all doing great! He goes on to talk about how sometimes the bar is set to "over" achieving and keeping up with everyone else’s “supposed” great life on social media. He consoles the audience, "You're doing great!" And he lays it out that life is pretty basic and simple, and somewhere along the line we started expecting more and more and more.

I get that about today’s expectation to “over” achieve. Yes, we do have tendencies to go all-out "Tony Robbins" on everyone ... and as it says on Tony Robbins' website right now, "Master Every Area of Your Life." Alrighty then ... maybe there is a balance between Tom Papa's "You're Doing Great!" and Tony Robbins' max it out and "Master Every Area of Your Life!" Comedian Nate Bargatze has some funny things to say about being average; less than average, and above average too! And when you are a parent raising a child, of course, we want them to be superstars and reach their full potential.

It’s no easy task figuring out how to reach our potential AND inspire our kids to reach their potential, keep out of trouble, have good mental/physical/spiritual health, and all that goes into having a great life.

Our book “A Series of Unsuspecting Children's Poems” is a book just about this "FEAT", which is defined as “an achievement that requires great courage, skill, or strength.” Oxford Languages

Self-reflection, as Brandon Dawson says, is one of the ways to speed up the journey to your success. On his website at www.BDawson.com, it says that he has a " ...passion for helping business owners amplify their vision and impact, through belief, strategy, and team alignment." Wow! Sign me up!

I agree with Brandon Dawson on the power of self-reflection, which is the basis and inspiration for our book “A Series of Unsuspecting Children's Poems” as a guide, a checklist, a way to give a “reality check” on the areas of your life and your child's life, ultimately teaching our children to do their own self-reflection on their way to becoming healthy, happy, balanced adults.

In the book, we focus on self-reflection of Attitudes and Actions in regard to the following topics: Education, School, Conflict, Discipline, Dreams, Health, and Well-Being.

Our book will help you and your child in building the habit of self-reflection with the following benefits:

  • Practice honest examination of positive or negative attitudes and actions in each area for the sole reason of seeing if you are doing great, mastering it, struggling with it, could do better, or doing terrible in that area.
  • Develop the ability to connect the consequences and the results to the attitudes and actions in each area. Are you getting the results and consequences you desire? or are you falling short? Maybe you are even causing yourself problems and turmoil that can be avoided.
  • Develop and foster the ability to communicate about these topics with trusted adults and mentors. It seemed that the more often my kids and I discussed difficult topics, the easier it was to keep the habit of regularly discussing these topics and checking in with each other.
  • Learn to identify where help is needed and reach out to available resources and to others for help.

I am not an expert, and I am not perfect, but I have learned a few things over 30 years of working with kids and raising 3 of my own. The book was written 10 years ago, and it is even more relevant now to discuss self-reflection, mental/spiritual/physical health, and defining success and goals in different areas.

Fast-forward to my kids being adults now … Raising my kids with these practices and habits, as a parent I would scan each area with each kid in mind and give an idea of how I thought they were doing and then check in with them to see how they think they are doing. To this day, we still check in with all the areas, although they handle it mostly on their own, and I see that they are self-motivated, independent, happy, and actively pursuing their versions of their best lives.

Happy adults with self-motivation, balance, joy, appreciation of the simple things, enjoying life, striving to do their best, independently earning their own income, and having their own spiritual life where they can receive their own divine inspiration … for us … these were the goals of parenting!

We don’t promise to have all the answers and we do not know everything, but we offer our book for sale because we believe that the book could help others like it helped us.


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