How The Marketplace Came to Be

Health and wealth were optimal when I was a young mom. Supercharged energy, reserves of patience, nutrition, and workouts were all excellent; I was always in an upward cycle of wellness and good times.

It stayed that way for a while, but over time, it all changed.

Add in 2 more kids for a total of 3, a new puppy, moving, emerging personalities, and inter-dynamic sibling relationships between my kids, plus in 2006 the beginning of the economic crash that affected millions of people across America. I was able to maintain and do well, holding down the fort while more and more day-to-day chaos and firefighting erupted seemingly on a regular basis. Mix in some developing health and medical issues scattered amongst our family members and all the expense and stress that goes with it. Over time, the complexities and stress can take their toll.

Oftentimes, mom is the “go-to” person who has all the answers for everyone and ways to "make it better." School, business, home, income, expenses, taxes, health, workouts, social, recreation, and peer pressure were some things on our "dashboard" to manage. I mention "peer pressure" because not only do kids have it, but I also experienced it with "PTA Mom" life! Yes, there were pressures in all areas! Deadlines, demands, and expectations!

And many I knew experienced tough divorces too, which is no easy trek. "TREK" is defined as "ARDUOUS," which is defined as "involving or requiring strenuous effort, difficult and tiring." - Oxford Languages

At one point during this time, I realized that I was in the "trenches of a battlefield" with a lot of "incoming" and "hiding out" while also "strategizing" next moves to keep ahead of "attacks" and figuring out how to best handle the "fallout" happening seemingly on a regular basis. People I knew who were going through divorces were experiencing similar issues.

All of the tools and the mindset of Earth Adventures For Kids came into play and helped me keep my head above water with wonderful moments of victory and overcoming.

But the spiraling, fast-paced, multi-faceted demands, going in all directions, and running on chocolate and coffee many days just to get the sugar and caffeine “jump starts” could only last so long.

And then, at age 40, the sleepless nights started. And then, at age 50, coronavirus restrictions struck. Always trying to get my equilibrium, this was a total upside-down turn, bringing unprecedented times. 

We are so blessed to live in this internet age with search engines and e-commerce! Over the decades, I was able to research, research, research solutions, and try, try, try solutions, weeding out what did not work for us and becoming a loyal fan and spokesperson for the companies, products, and services that made our lives better, our relationships better, our health better, our sleep better, our wealth better, our communication better. Gratitude.

Years of research with trial and error were the humble beginnings of the Earth Adventures For Kids Marketplace … and now, we offer it to you in hopes that you too will experience the ROI - Return on Investment that we have experienced.

Join our Marketplace and “browse the aisles.” Look for solutions to your issues involving sleep, energy, health, wellness, social, exercise, aging, communication, relationships, focus, motivation, inspiration, wealth, lifestyle, fashion, and more. And look for solutions for your friends and family too!

With years of trial and error and lots of research and development, The Marketplace is a comprehensive, dynamic platform that brings you our "Best Of" companies, products, and services that make our lives better, taking us from surviving to thriving!

For example, I was able to quit my caffeine addiction cycle which was partly to blame for my sleep issues. The caffeine addiction cycle includes caffeine still being in your system causing sleep issues and then not being rested in the morning so needing caffeine to get going and make it through the day!

I still enjoy 1 cup a day of beneficial amounts of high-quality coffee, and I have a new morning hot beverage ritual I love and look forward to that actually helps slim that troublesome belly fat, tastes like a not-to-sweet "snickerdoodle," and it is actually beneficial for the mind, body, and spirit.

Brain fog and daily "blahs" were a thing, and now I have focus, sustained energy, and mitochondria ready to take on the world.

Aging issues were a thing, and now I have the joy of youth again with none of those "unpleasant unmentionables" that people over 50 go through. 

Fast-forward to years later … Today, I am sleeping well, getting up early, and able to have sustained focused, feel-good energy throughout the day and into the evening. Sleep, nutrition, and exercise are like spokes on a "wheel," and they propel me through awesome days and nights. Woohoo!

Overall, through years of research and finding solutions to life's problems, I unlocked the power of search engines and the internet, finding high-quality companies that were also searching – searching for customers who they could help.

Enter AI, Artificial Intelligence, and Algorithms … I learned that when you give time, give traffic, buy, search, and so forth, all of this is tracked and puts you in certain profiles that help divide and sort your “likes and dislikes” into valuable information that helps your searches be more fruitful for you, tailored to your needs, and those looking to help you with your specific problems will be "at your door" with their solutions.

All the times I searched and bought have added to my continued and further refined beneficial search results. I am always impressed with the quality of products and services I find. It's like I am the "solution hunter" looking for efficient and effective ways of solving problems.

When coronavirus shutdowns happened, we were able to enjoy subscriptions from companies that made our time more productive and enjoyable, and we even shared these subscriptions with our family in different regions - so we were able to bond and get to know each other better during this time. The activities we found can be for all ages to enjoy. Shared subscriptions and purchases bring us closer together even though we may be far apart in physical distance. 

Because The Marketplace has products and services we have personally tried and benefited from, we think you will find solutions for your issues too. With better relationships, better health, and better wealth, we feel really happy again. How did I regain my ability to smile in the face of adversity and wake up feeling refreshed, and energized at 6-7 am and go all day with vibrancy into the night, with bed time at 10 pm? Is this what they mean by "sustained energy" and feelings of well-being? I think so and in my 50s, I can say I am looking forward to the next 50 years!

Join our Marketplace today and see what the products and services can do for you, your friends, and your family.