The Wondering Mat

  • Help kids learn self-control, taking a rewarding and positive time out, and creating a space for an “attitude checkpoint”.
  • Help you enjoy a more harmonious home environment, and more harmonious events, and outings with kids.
  • Creates a space for kids to develop a practice and discipline of taking positive time out and an “attitude checkpoint”.
  • Easy, brilliant, simple, affordable
  • Gives parents, caregivers, grandparents, teachers, mentors, counselors, aunts, uncles another way to help direct kids behaviors, attitudes, habits.
  • Problem: have trouble with kid’s behaviors, attitudes, habits yielding Disappointing Results in the past – Solution: add The Wondering Mat as another tool in your toolbox when working with kids.
  • Parents, caregivers, grandparents, teachers, mentors, counselors, aunts, uncles can model taking positive time out and an “attitude checkpoint” by utilizing The Wondering Mat as well. Demonstrating and modeling the use, features, benefits by caregivers and mentors, kids will see this action and benefits. Modeling this over time, shows a habit, discipline, way of life of acknowledging the benefits and importance of positive time out and attitude checkpoints.
  • Increases the ability to help kids not only “go” in a positive direction, but also “grow” in a positive direction as this practice is intentional day by day as a way of life and positive discipline.
  • Teaches vocabulary and the transformative power of words as participant takes an “inner-adventure” on the mat.
  • Develop deeper understanding of important concepts as they read the prompts printed on the mat.
  • Practice setting (and re-setting when needed) the trajectory of your days and nights.

As a parent, I know how powerful The Wondering Mat is because I have used it to help readjust my own behaviors, attitudes, and habits!

Over time, I have become more aware of my own need to take positive time out and attitude checkpoints. I have experienced the personal benefits this regular practice has on my own health, happiness, and relationships.

Working with kids for 30+ years and raising 3 kids of my own, I’ve developed tools and techniques to help navigate the up, down, and all-around trajectory of the journey toward the ultimate goal of happy, healthy adults.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from this journey, is that the heart and mind can be changed, the past let go, and we can move on with our “best foot forward”. The Wondering Mat gives me a place to do this inner work. For me, The Wondering Mat has become an essential way of life, taking my own positive time out and my own attitude checkpoint, and in fact, before I developed this practice, I probably would have had better results. Thankfully, I started practicing ways of positive time out, and having my kids learn this art and the science behind it as well … my only regret, not making it a daily practice sooner! The time is now!

Positive time out and attitude checkpoints can be a way of life. A mentor of mine recently mentioned that “Let me think on it,” is sometimes an excellent response, and gives everyone a chance to evaluate and consider, and often, issues work themselves out on their own.

Planned, intentional, regular positive time out and retreat has shown to produce benefits and The Wondering Mat ia an essential, easy, affordable way to develop this practice.

Now you might say, “My kids won’t listen. They won’t use it”. I know … I get it. I get it.

I have raised 3 of my own kids into early adulthood, and they were often, let's say, “unreceptive”.

I learned that I could place The Wondering Mat in the living room, or wherever I wanted, and I could practice using The Wondering Mat … everyone could see me on the mat, and then "see" the results from me personally having this positive time out and "attitude checkpoint".

By modeling the behaviors, traits, habits, skills, and mindset – even in the midst of what seemed like all @#%! breaking out – demonstrating this retreat and re-set practice, helped to instill in my kids, the value of regularly taking an intentional positive time out, and attitude checkpoint.

No matter what your habits are like now, once you've started using The Wondering Mat as an "attitude checkpoint" and regular method of taking positive time out, I believe, like me, you can experience the ongoing benefits, and your kids have a better chance at incorporating this self-directed discipline into their lifestyle.

You can experience the exponential, ongoing benefits, and your kids have a better chance at incorporating this self-directed discipline, yielding lifelong habits. Even if your kids are adults! You can all start using The Wondering Mat today - it's for "kids" of all ages!

Now you might say, “My kids and I don’t need another thing, or any additional help”.

I used to think this too. More stuff and more money spent on things that won't be appreciated or used long-term, if at all. Chances are, if you are on this page, then you are searching for something. And in that case, you might have plenty of tools in your toolbox for working with kids, but as we all know, some tools are used at certain times, for certain situations, and a new tool could unlock benefits not yet known such as, efficiency and effectiveness in going from an undesirable situation, to a desirable one filled with possibilities, ideas, opportunities and more.

Even if, after time and practice, your kids still don't use The Wondering Mat regularly, you can still benefit as a parent and caregiver by personally practicing this positive time out and attitude checkpoint.

I remember once when I was in a "storm of life, " I heard a wise man say, "You can't calm the storm, but you can calm the child in the storm".

This was a profound moment in my "raising kids journey", because I realized I could be calm in the storm. Looking back, I didn't do everything right and perfect, who can? But I could have had more successful moments if I regularly practiced mindful, intentional, positive time out.

With the average person, and child, going in all "directions" at all "speeds" with short attention spans, I know it seems daunting and useless to take time on The Wondering Mat.

But did you know that taking time to let your mind wander, practice focusing on positive affirmations, being still, being aware of the breath, and incorporating some stretch and movement, with music all has documented benefits on health, wellness, decision-making, and outcomes? An online search can show some of the studies, and results with professional work cited.

Getting a person to take a positive time out can be a challenge. There can be barriers of "cost vs. benefit" such as the time it takes, not thinking it is worthwhile, getting up off the couch, using your hard-earned dollars to buy a "gadget". Personally, I looked back on my past decisions and moments of the days and nights, and I quantified the "cost vs. benefit" and when being honest with myself, I likely would have made better decisions and had better reactions when faced with choices and difficult circumstances if I was in the daily practice of taking positive time out. And yes, some of this could have saved me money and time!

The Wondering Mat features:

  • has thoughtful prompts for reflection and inspiration,
  • provides an easily created, comfortable place in which to have positive time out and an attitude checkpoint,
  • has "good vibes" presented in a way that kids of all ages enjoy,
  • rolls up easily and is lightweight
  • a quick "take out and put away" place for spaces of all sizes.

The Wondering Mat prompts can help a person think thru and assess, focus, motivate, inspire and the prompts can mean something on different days and nights, and at different phases in life. I find that different prompts catch my attention at different times. I even leave The Wondering Mat out on the floor so I can see the prompts as I walk by - reminding me of my positive intentions for the day. Just maybe, my kids are reading the prompts as they walk by too!

The Wondering Mat is just fun to have around … it sparks conversation and food for thought. The prompts were chosen from decades of listening to reggae music, all music types, hymns, gospel, and more … prompts from which much is based upon original Biblical texts and translations.

  • Good vibes for all ages to enjoy means that The Wondering Mat can become a part of daily life that many people can use and benefit from.
  • Improve the harmony in your home dramatically in about 20 minutes with The Wondering Mat.
  • Easily create a comfortable place to take positive time out and an "attitude checkpoint".
  • Practice achieving inner calm, resilience, joy, and laughter in your days and nights.
  • Amaze your friends and family with how The Wondering Mat helps set (and re-set) your goals and attitudes for the days and nights.
  • Online search the documented benefits of taking positive time out to regenerate, re-focus, and revitalize your inner being.
  • Decision-making is enhanced and choices of how we want to respond with life's choices can be improved upon by taking positive time out to reflect and consider.
  • The Wondering Mat captures the attention and imagination of the young and the older generations.
  • Experience the power of mindful intention and re-set with one choice, one day, one person.

3 ways we keep ourselves from taking positive time out:

1) too busy 2) not important 3) no benefits

When dealing with behavior and attitude problems with your kids,

The Wondering Mat may just be the most powerful tool you have in your toolbox.

Taking my own positive time out for adjustment and fortitude is one of the best practices for having harmony in my home, and nurturing relationships for life - believe it or not, learning to take positive time out for "self-care" is not selfish!

The Domino Effect is at work with The Wondering Mat –

change the attitude and perspective of one for the better and see what chain reaction results - aka the Domino Effect.

The Wondering Mat:

  • Prompts to inspire kids of all ages and abilities, even adults get uplifted.
  • Combine music, movement, meditation with mindful breath for a powerful 20 minute positive time out that can change the trajectory of your days and nights.
  • Helps with points of communication and positive self-talk.


Parents, caregivers, grandparents, aunts, uncles have kids in their lives they care about and want to help nurture and promote positive growth and development. They can give as gifts and help kids of all ages begin their practice of taking a self-directed attitude checkpoint and positive time out. The Wondering Mat is an affordable way to help increase harmony, respect, laughter, and joy in your home, and family events/outings.


Teachers, counselors, mentors can give as gifts and help kids of all ages begin their practice of taking a self-directed attitude checkpoint and positive time out. Help kids and family you work with achieve harmony, health, respect, happiness, laughter by developing positive time out and attitude checkpoints. The Wondering Mat can be a tax write off and help the kids and families in your life achieve their goals … (or simply use The Wondering Mat to help YOU with your own positive time out and attitude checkpoint before and/or after working with kids and families)

Using The Wondering Mat:

  • Enjoy good vibes and engaging format
  • Use the conversational prompts to facilitate communication with humor
  • It’s easy to take out and put away, creates instant comfortable space
  • It’s affordable, durable, and quality materials that will keep yielding benefits day after day
  • We recommend washing feet and hands before using The Wondering Mat to help keep it clean use after use. Washing hands and feet is calming and we enjoy using good smelling soap! Aromatherapy!

You might say, “Why $75 cost?”
What all goes into The Wondering Mat development and production? It’s just a mat.

Decades of working with kids, assessing my own fortitude, trial and error, research for tools and guidance, 30+ years of observing behavior, attitudes, health, habits, and more while learning and practicing techniques, tips, tricks to keep not only my inner-self full of harmony, joy, humor, calm, motivation, peace but also overflowing that harmony, joy, humor, calm, motivation, and peace in the home environment, and at events and outings. As we all know, the costs of the product itself, the printing, the shipping, the taxes, and so on … it all adds up.

And your support allows us to further develop our collections such as the following:

Earth Adventures For Kids Signature Collection
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Earth Adventures For Kids Treasure Legacy Collection
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Christmas Bundle!
“101 Things to do other than Social Media” E-book as a Bonus if you buy The Wondering Mat this holiday season …

Compiled over decades, “101 Things to do other than Social Media” E-book includes
over 101 activities, events, ideas etc. with my own kids.

I have created an easy to print e-book that becomes a checklist to use when deciding what to do on weekends, holidays, summer vacation, well days off, and more. I have made it easy for you to scan thru the choices, find an activity that works for the situation and plan accordingly. Consider it a quick and easy reference guide so you can pick and choose from an array of enriching activities...customize the options to meet your needs. These are simple ideas you can take and make your own.

Once you place your order,

  • you'll get instant, downloadable access to "101 Things to do other than Social Media E-book" you can print.
  • The Wondering Mat will be shipped according to supply chain/shipping availability which is currently about 1 week from order date to delivery date. Please allow exceptions for holiday "hullabaloo" and holiday demand that may slow printing and shipping times. 'Tis the season!

Earth Adventures For Kids Christmas Bundle

The Wondering Mat and “101 Things to do other than Social Media” E-book

  • Planning enriching and meaningful activities that help create wonderful memories.
  • See how powerful and easy it is to begin practicing mindful intention of taking positive time out, taking self-directed attitude checkpoints, and planning meaningful activities especially once you online research and understand the documented benefits.

Attitude is the name of the game when dealing with difficult circumstances.

  • Kid's behavior, habits, attitudes can be improved with the regular practice of positive time out and attitude checkpoints.
  • The Wondering Mat and "101 Things to do other than Social Media" E-book are essential additions to your parenting toolbox.
  • Navigating the journey of raising kids can be daunting, maybe even lonely, and the biggest challenge you face. Adding more tools to the parenting toolbox helped us on our journey, and we developed The Wondering Mat and "101 Things to do other than Social Media" E-book along the way to help!
  • Kid's behavior, attitudes, and habits have a domino effect. We have found that helping kids learn to identify … with practice and awareness over time … what is desired and not desired at age-appropriate levels, is key to helping them become successful in life.

The Wondering Mat seems too simple, I know ... how can it be a powerful tool for change?

  • The act of regularly taking a retreat from daily life, time for reflection and calm, in an easy to create and comfortable place can have profound effects on the trajectory of my days and nights. And I have seen my kids benefit too!

Each day and night is filled with moments and within those moments are choices, opportunities, and possibilities. We have the ability to intertwine these moments with learning, intention, laughter, and more of what we want out of life, creating meaningful memories. Taking positive time out and attitude checkpoints regularly, helps us keep in line with what we hope to aspire to - none of us are perfect, and part of the positive time out and attitude checkpoints is admitting we need retreat for re-assessing and re-setting, when something did not go the way we hoped, and just knowing we need additional fortitude to face the journey. The Wondering Mat provides a comfortable, easy place for this introspection, no matter the size of your home.

Buy The Wondering Mat that comes with a free copy of "101 Things to do other than Social Media" E-book as a Christmas Gift Bundle to begin the regular practice of taking positive time out and attitude checkpoints, with a domino effect, beginning with the power of one - one person, one choice, one day.